Web Design Agency | The #1 Mistake Of All Web Design Agencies

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This video  is for you if…
– You sell web design services and you suffer from meeting fatigue. The reality for many web design agencies is that too much value is given away by talking. Coffee conversations, lunch meetings, and free consultations are few examples. Live presentations, webinar trainings, and free workshops are a few more. You talk…a lot. You are watching because you know how much you “talk”, but not enough of those conversations turn into closed clients.

– You want a strategic, leveraged approach to selling your services. When you package your service appropriately you can share the same information, sometimes even better information, in a more strategic way. The same “pitch” can be used multiple times in multiple formats, allowing you to reach more people with the exact message you intend.

– You want more, qualified leads coming to your web design agency.. A more specific service…with a deeper level of intention is the vehicle you need to drive new traffic, leads, and sales through your agency. You know there is a way to do it. You’ve “seen” it happening. You want to apply the strategies to your own business.

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